A criminal defense attorney at Barragry Law LLC will handle all types of criminal cases from speeding tickets to serious criminal charges. From petty misdemeanor to felony, Barragry Law is here to help and willing to discuss your case and your options.

Get arrested? Want to talk about your case?

The following are a list of the types of cases Barragry Law handles:

  • Terroristic Threats
  • Drug crimes
  • Tickets and other traffic violations
  • Thefts
  • Interference with Privacy
  • Obstructing Legal Process
  • Property Crimes
  • Vehicle Impoundment/Forfeiture
  • Fleeing Police
  • Domestic Assaults
  • Assaults
  • Deprivation of Parental Rights

A criminal charge can result in jail time and even prison time. You need someone knowledgeable with the law and legal processes when you go to court. Barragry Law LLC helps you navigate the legal process and make the necessary legal and factual arguments to beat your case or get you the best result possible. Request a free consultation today to discuss your options and possible representation.